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Syllabus – 2 Day Course

Structure of the Course:

Duration: 2 days

Hours: 3 hours for each class

  1. What is a call
  2. What is a put
  3. Puts vs Calls
  4. Understanding Options
  5. Options Risk Metrics: The Greeks
  6. Risk and profits from buying call options
  7. Risk and profits from selling call options
  8. Risk and profits from buying put options
  9. Risk and profits from selling put options
  10. Real World Example of an Option
  11. Options Spreads
  12. Options on Futures
  13. Options Broker/Platforms
  1. Concept of time decay
  2. Option strategies
  3. Directional Bets
  4. Income Generation Strategy
  5. Hedging Strategy
  6. Vertical Call and Vertical Put Spreads
  7. Calendar Call and Calendar Put Spreads
  8. Diagonal Call and Diagonal Put Spreads
  9. Staddle
  10. Strangle
  11. Covered Call
  12. Married Put
  13. Butterfly Call and Butterfly Put Spread
  14. Iron Butterfly
  15. Iron Condor
  16. Collar
  17. Other strategies

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